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Welcome to the remnants of my long-ago web site, resurrected from archives, and re-published just for the fun of it. Its original purpose was to house a collection of web pages for desktop publishing and web authoring, as well as other fun sites. It more or less was abandoned for a considerable time because of too many other responsibilities.

I had planned, for quite a long time, to gut out the site and replace it with a drop-zone-like resource of things I frequently accessed or asked my colleagues to access. That means the majority of the links would have disappeared. Most were added on request, and most of those didn't even work. Those plans never really came together, but I did eventually convert the site into the first generation of my blog.

Today, you probably have better odds winning the lottery than finding a working external link. Putting this site back online serves no purpose beyond reminiscing my early web design skills. If you find anything of benefit here, then I'm thrilled. On the other hand, if you want to smile a bit more and go back to the late 1990s, click on over to the previous incarnation of this web site!

Don't forget ... When a doc hits your eye with a strange DPI, that's a moiré!!

D.T.P. Site of the Moment:
My web site used to feature a periodically updated link to a new Desktop Publishing resource I found useful. Those links appeared under this header.

Web Newbies:
MacWorld's Web Traveler's Companion

Big Boys' Toys:
Here's where I feign vanity over my computer.

Link to My Web Site:
Feel free to grab the D.T.P. by Lee web button at the bottom right to use on your site for a link to mine.

D.T.P. by Lee:
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