East Coast Ahead

Friday, October 3

About 7:30am, we left the rest area in Jacksonville and made it up to Bowling Green, Virginia, where we camped for the night. Didn't bother much with photos since this really wasn't new territory for us. We were more interested in what lay ahead.

We didn't know until we were in the middle of it that this same weekend was the big Promise Keepers event in Washington, D.C.! Needless to say, all we saw on the highways were vans, buses, motor homes, etc. full of men on their way to the nation's capitol. As we prepared to find a place to stay for the evening, my mother was in the back of our RV as my Dad drove and I sat in the passenger seat. Imagine it. Two guys...RV...just south of Washington, D.C. Go figure! We got lots of waves and thumbs up signs!


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