Saturday, October 4

Lots more driving today. I, of course, had to take a shot of downtown Wilmington, Delaware. "Insignificant," you say? Ask yourself this: where do nearly all monthly credit card, loan, and other such payments get mailed to?

The highlight of the day was stopping at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was a little disappointing that 1) we were there on Sabbath, and 2) it was late in the day, things had started to close, and we really wanted to get a bit further up the road before the end of the day. My dad, who's really starting to get into coin-collecting, wanted to get some coin sets at the mint, but they weren't open at all on Saturday. As it turned out, though, when we stopped at the mint on our way back home, my dad went in, but they really didn't sell what he wanted anyway.

But the stop wasn't a waste of time in the least. Coming into the south end of Philly, we saw what amounted to massive tons of grey metal! The interstate ran alongside the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, and there were, literally, gobs and gobs of Naval vessels packed like gargantuan sardines in the harbor.

We were the last group to get to go in and see the Liberty Bell, and though Independence Hall had closed, we walked around to see it and the surrounding park.

Color At Last!

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