The Kancamagus Highway

Monday, October 6

We left the campground and on our way back to the interstate, we decided to poke through a quaint little town not far from where we camped. Right beside a cute little church was a country store that had been in business since the 1870's. We picked up some postcards, pure maple syrup (which we enjoyed for several days afterward), and a calendar of covered bridges which hangs in my office.

We saw our second covered bridge in Springfield, Vermont. (We saw three, total, but were unable to stop at the last one. We noticed it as we drove down the interstate.) Near the bridge is Vermont's oldest schoolhouse. The sign in front of the schoolhouse reads:

Springfield, Vermont. Eureka Schoolhouse, 1785. This, the oldest schoolhouse in Vermont, was in continuous use from 1785 to 1900 at Eureka Four Corners. In 1968, it was removed to this site and reconstructed by a Committee of Springfield Citizens, and the State Board of Historic Sites.

We soon veered off Interstate 91 to trek across New Hampshire's Kancamagus Highway. With the fall colors, it was a stunning drive through the White Mountain National Forest. The view reminded me of those commercials where new cars zip along a beautiful country road and colored leaves that were on the road go flying all around behind the passing vehicle. We'd planned to get all the way through the forest today, but since we left the campground a bit late, we stopped to camp half way through the forest. That was okay, though, because even now, I'm still trying to decide which campground was my favorite--the previous one in Vermont, or this one in the National Forest. The stone-littered river wasn't even 100 yards behind our campsite. Since we stopped early, we took a walk down a beautiful trail running alongside the river. As you can see by the last photo on this page, Princess had a good time too.

The Wild Moose Chase

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