The Wild Moose Chase

Tuesday, October 7

We left the White Mountain campground early (7:30am) hoping to possibly see moose during the rest of our drive through the forest. Not long after we left, we stopped on the side of the road where the window over our RV's table afforded a great view of a swampy lake--the kind of terrain moose enjoy feeding at. As we had a pancake breakfast with the pure maple syrup we'd bought the other day, we enjoyed the view, but there were no moose.

Before we left the forest, we took a hike to Sabbaday Falls. (This page contains the only photo with me in it--up above the falls in the second photo!) The sign reads:

Sabbaday Falls. Walking time, 30 minutes round trip. The name, Sabbaday, was given by early explorers during their travels to the Passaconaway Valley. Having reached the falls on a Sunday, they decided to return home. In the years to follow, the falls became a favorite "Sabbath Day" journey...

By midday, we got to Gorham, New Hampshire, where the AAA book said we could schedule a moose-watching tour. We found the site in Gorham, but that evening's tour had already been booked full. We were already a day behind our original schedule, so we decided we couldn't afford the time to stop in Gorham, mess around all afternoon, camp, and wait all day Wednesday for the next tour.

We drove to Mexico, Maine, where we stopped for lunch. A man told my dad that he had just seen 6 moose down this highway not far from where we were, so we took off looking for them. When we'd driven farther than we figured the man was talking about without seeing any moose, dad decided to take another road for "a little while" just to see if we'd find moose. We spent two hours and 50 miles on what I called a wild moose chase. My mom and I were pretty upset at the time, but naturally we look back on the incident and laugh hysterically. The road turned to dirt and became what I am convinced was a logging and hunting road--in a 20ft. RV motor home!! Sorry that there are no photos of this excursion. Thanks to the hightened hostility, getting back on paved road, at the time, seemed more important than snapping pictures. We might have been able to convince my dad to turn around after about 15 minutes if it were physically possible. The road (if you could call it that) was so narrow, and the shoulders so soft, we were afraid to attempt a turnaround. We finally found a place where we dared to turn around, drove back to Mexico, and on to Bangor, Maine. Well, we never did see any moose. Live anyway. Sadly, due to hunting season, we did see two pickup trucks on the road, each with a moose hunters had shot. :-(

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