...and a Cruise Ship in a Foggy Sea

Friday, October 10

Half-way through our journey.

We had reservations to go whale-watching today, but it was so foggy, we rescheduled for the next day. So instead, after lunch, we spent the afternoon driving through the Acadia National Park. Before we left Bar Harbor, though, we noticed that the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship was docked just off the shore and people were tendering in to the town. The fog hanging over the ship made for a neat photo.

The drive through the park was just as colorful as through the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire, and the view from Cadillac Mountain was superb. We could see Bar Harbor and the Q.E. II down below. Also, in the park, we saw Sand Beach. Normally, Maine's shores are rocky, but due to the inset beach here, a rare sandy beach lies. Then we got to Thunder Hole. The rock formations there were neat to look at. However we were kind of there at the wrong time of day (the tide was high) and we didn't really hear the thunderous boom caused by the waves crashing around the rocks, and air being sucked in and out from underneath. We also saw Egg Rock Light way off in the distance, but would see it closer up on the whale-watching boat tomorrow.

Just before dark, we drove the rest of the way around the island to Bass Harbor Light. The sign at the head of the road said no RV's because of limited turnaround space, so we walked the mile or so down. (We discovered we could easily have turned our RV around, but in the moderately cool air, it was a nice walk, anyway.) The sign leading to the light reads:

Bass Harbor Head Light. Among the best known and most photographed spots in Maine, the Bass Harbor Head Light was built in 1858 to mark the bar across the eastern entrance to Blue Hill Bay. The grounds and residence of this facility now comprise the private residence of the commander, United States Coast Guard Group Southwest Harbor, and are not open to the public. Trails on both sides of the parking lot allow visitors access to excellent views of the lighthouse and the surrounding coastline.

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