Whale Woes

Saturday, October 11

The fog was gone today, but it was cold and quite windy. So, we bundled up and hopped on board the Acadian Whale Watcher for a "three & 1/2-hour tour." Welp, unlike the fabled S.S.Minnow, we made it back safely (if you overlook the fact that I got a little green under the gill, if you know what I mean), but the naturalist onboard couldn't find any whales. :-( What really miffed us was that we later learned the tour that went out after us found 3 whales. Sigh. Anyhow, the whale-watching tour lets people go out again if no whales are found, but we didn't really have time, nor did I feel like I could stomach another trip. Unfortunately, the tour staff didn't give refunds if no whales were found, but they did allow you to exchange the price of the tickets for merchandise in their store. Sure, some of what we picked up was junk, just to feel like we got "some" value out of our money, but I did make out with a nice henley-collared shirt.

Though we were disappointed, there was the miniscule satisfaction of seeing a closer view of Egg Rock Light and Mt. Desert Rock Light, as well as a few dolphin and harbor seals. We weren't very close, so even my telephoto lens couldn't get them too well, but I enlarged the photo after I scanned it. It's fuzzy, but you can see them laying all over the rocks. There's a wide shot, my first close-up, and a second.

After not having seen any whales, we walked through downtown Bar Harbor (a tourist trap, but it was neat to see), and I snapped a shot of buildings and the bay in the background that we had previously seen on a postcard. It's the same angle, but the sun's location made for a less-than-perfect shot. We drove on to Camden, Maine, during what was probably the lowest morale of the whole vacation (thanks to the elusive whales), and stopped for the night.

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