L.L. Bean At Last

Sunday, October 12

Shortly after we left our campground, we stopped to see Owl's Head Light, then through some back roads to find 2 other lights. The first illuded us, and the second, though we found it, wasn't immensely impressive. A man sitting on his porch told us it was called Cockhold Light.

We continued on toward Portland, Maine. On the way, as we drove over a causeway crossing a river, we were amazed at the view of a little town strewn out across the opposite bank. We wanted a picture, but I was driving, and my camera was up in my bunk and hard to get to. So we turned around, drove back across the bridge and pulled over for a photo. It doesn't do the scene really good justice, but you'll get the idea.

We also took a detour to Bailey Island. Not necessarily to see anything, but we have a friend who vacations there every year. We picked up a post card and mailed it to our friend, joking that we'd found this neat little vacation spot!

We then reached one of my personal top destinations, Freeport, Maine. I just had to visit the L.L. Bean store. A while back, I had ordered some hiking boots, but they didn't fit quite right. I had them replaced but because the second pair had the same exact problem, I figured my left foot was shaped oddly. I just told the person on the phone from L.L. Bean to give me a store credit and that I'd be up there on vacation. So finally, I walked into this huge store (which I'm told has it's own zip code, right in the middle of Freeport), did some brief sightseeing, and picked up a different type of hiking boot which I really love. We also stopped by the Vermont Teddy Bear Company where my dad bought a cute little bear for mom.

Just before we stopped in Portland, Maine, for the night, I snapped a shot of one incredible sunset. Even the bit of digital "help" I did to my scan of the sunset photo doesn't do justice to what it really looked like.

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