The Lights to Boston

Monday, October 13

Today was a real enlightened day, if you'll pardon the pun. We saw the most lighthouses in one day today--six.

The first was Portland Head Light, which was in the area of the old Fort Williams Park, which we didn't stay around long enough to explore. There was also a little lighthouse off the coast a ways from Portland Head, Ram Island Ledge. Then we drove to Two Lights Park. The working light is named Cape Elizabeth Light. The Western Tower was decomissioned in 1924 when all twin-light sites were transformed to single-light sites. The Western Tower now sits in a moderately posh neighborhood, somewhat unaccessible, in someone's yard.

On the way to our next lighthouse, we stopped in Wells, Maine, at the world's largest lighthouse store. It was there I picked up a video with scenes from all over New England, including lighthouses. It has an amazing series of shots with closeups of a fresnel lens in a lighthouse reflecting the scenery outside.

Next, we reached Cape Neddick Light, also known as Nubble Light--so named because of the little "nubble" of land (sort of an island) the lighthouse sits on. During certain times of the year, this often calm-looking area can become deadly if the winds and waves pick up. When we were there, the tide was out, and it was possible (though against the law) to actually walk over to the nubble. However signs warned people of the potential consequences. Also, off in the distance, we could see Boon Island Light, one of Maine's most inhospitable lighthouse sites. In 1710, the lighthouse witnessed a cannabalism incident when a shipwrecked crew had no way to get to the shore.

Not far from Cape Neddick was the Lighthouse Restaurant. We had a great lunch here as we looked out over the bay toward the lighthouse. After lunch, as we were driving away from Cape Neddick, we rode along a rather large beach. What was unusual to us (being from Florida) was it was nearly covered with rocks, rather than sand, and people were still out enjoying it this time of year!

We made it down to Boston, drove through town (in rush-hour, but it was not horrible), and went to the Wompatuck State Park for the night. It was really amazing that such a nice, foresty area was right there so close to downtown Boston. Just as we were approaching it, we drove by a field, filled with Canadian geese that had stopped to rest. It was late in the day and my photo is dark and blurry, but the photo here of geese flying overhead was taken earlier this day.

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