The Freedom Trail, part 2

Tuesday, October 14

I've broken this day into three pages since there are so many photos and I don't want to make you have to wait much longer than you already have for each page to load. I've also spaced apart the descriptions on these pages to better describe each photo here.

Don't know what these buildings are, specifically. This photo is simply the result of my brief flirtation with architectual photography.

This is the Old State House. The street corner in front is the site of the Boston Massacre.

A statue of Paul Revere, depicting his famous ride.

Paul Revere's home. Photos weren't allowed inside. The construction was fascinating--many walls and corners were not perpendicular to each other as you'd normally expect. We also learned that much of the house had been a storefront for a time. The photo doesn't show it, but on the front left is the scar where a door to the store used to be.

Paul Revere's home from the rear.

Revere was a metalworker. This bell, made by Revere, sat outside the house. The sign reads:
Revere Bell. This bronze bell was cast in 1804 at the bell and cannon foundry of Paul Revere and Son. It was sold in 1805 to the East Parish Church, Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Revere cast his first bell in 1792 for his own church, the Second Church of Boston. He cast his last bell in 1811 when, at age 76, he ended his active partnership in the family firm. This is one of only 23 bells known to exist which were cast during the period of Revere's personal involvement at the foundry. Between 1792 and 1828, the Revere foundry cast 959 bells. The metal content of the bell is approximately 75% copper, 21% tin, and 4% other metals. The tongue is of iron. Together, bell and tongue weigh 931 pounds. The church paid 43 cents per pound for the bell, for a total charge of $413.78. Revere also bought their old bell, weighing 748 pounds for 20 cents per pound. Revere was concerned that his bells be properly hung and rung, and each bell carried the following guarantee and warning: This bell is warranteed for twelve months accidents and improper usage excepted; and unless it shall be rung or struck before it is placed in the belfry, or tolled by pulling or forcing the tongue against the bell, by a string or otherwise.

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