Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Hey, you made it! See now, the download times weren't so bad, were they? I hope you enjoyed the tour, even though I'm sure I enjoyed actually taking the vacation even more! Drop me a note if you have any comments or questions about what you've just seen. Also, be sure to stop by Bill's Lighthouse Getaway, the web site to which I made a few links to give more information about selected lighthouses.

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[Where It All Began]
[On the Road] [East Coast Ahead] [Philly]
[Color At Last] [The Kancamagus Highway]
[The Wild Moose Chase] [Oh Canada]
[Go East Young Man]
[...and a Cruise Ship in a Foggy Sea]
[Whale Woes] [L.L. Bean At Last]
[The Lights to Boston] [The Freedom Trail, part 1]
[The Freedom Trail, part 2] [The Freedom Trail, part 3]
[Rock Around Plymouth Rock / Caught by Cape Cod]
[The Last Stop] [Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow]