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Please e-mail me or use my comment card if you have, or know of, a URL that should be in my list. Thanks.

Large Organizations

Apple Computer
First, a link to the computer company that started it all.

Adobe Systems, Inc.
Maker of Photoshop, Illustrator, Pagemaker, fonts, etc. etc.

MacWorld Online
Okay, sigh....So I don't read MacUser anymore, but only because it was swallowed...er...merged with MacWorld. Many of the stories are available here, plus other nifties not available with the print version.

Crayola Crayons
Some may say this is early stone-age D.T.P., but I've seen (and accomplished) amazing things with crayons, wrinkled paper, and a scanner!

D.T.P. Information/Newsletters

Technical support, tips, an internet tour, and information about computer training classes.

Offering interactive and content-laden services and resources for design professionals, hacks, and amateurs. Home of fontsOnline.

The Desktop
This site contains examples of cool audio, visual and multimedia design. You'll also find tips and tricks for using the most common design tools for computers; software like Photoshop, QuarkXpress, Pagemaker, and Illustrator. You'll also find regular reviews of media: print, music, video...

Desktop Publishers Journal
An online companion to the same-named print version, a monthly magazine which provides the desktop publishing market with information to take advantage of emerging publishing and multimedia strategies.

Arguably the most comprehensive compilation of online desktop publishing resources.

Digital Media Monthly
I really recommend this monthly electronic newsletter—also e-mailable. It is published by Scott and Michael Kleper. The web pages are one portion of the PrinterPort page, which appears to be a growing collection of media sites. Also available from this site is Scott Kleper's KlepHacks Shareware, where you'll find several nifty utilities including my favorite, HTML Markup—a wonderful text-to-HTML utility.

DTP Internet Jumplist
This DTP way station links you to graphics resources across the Internet, including pointers to FAQs, clip art, and discussion groups.

Get Info Newsletter highlights
Get Info was a free, monthly newsletter for Desktop Publishing professionals looking for tips & tricks, however I've not seen any updates in a while. All the issues which were published are in this link, though, and there is some very worth-while information.

Graphion Typesetting
Be sure to look at their online type museum. REALLY cool.

Haywood & Sullivan
Be sure to check their scanning tips section!

History of Desktop Publishing
Easily one of the better write-ups that I've seen regarding the advent of computerized desktop publishing.

Design and marketing ideas for desktop publishers, web designers, and the businesses they promote.

Macintosh Graphics News
What MacInTouch is for Macintoshes, Mac Graphics News is for graphic designers. Daily news regarding graphic design.

Pagemaker Tips & Tricks
A perpetual list of most-asked questions on how to do specific tasks and take care of errors and problems.

Prepress/D.T.P. Center
A large collection of great links covering subjects such as Clip Art, Vendors & Manufacturers, Service Bureaus, Graphic Artists & Freelancers, Training Organizations, Trade Associations, Prepress Related JumpLists, and more.

Publish RGB
Online companion to the definitive magazine devoted to electronic publishing professionals. From design through prepress to printing and electronic distribution.

The Scanning FAQ
Improve your skills at creating great halftones.

An interactive experience of type and typography, illustrating the beauty, poetry, complexity, and history of type, and raising relevant questions about how typography is treated in the digital media, specifically online. A continuous work in progress.

Warren Idea Exchange
Warren is a large manufacturer of coated free-sheet paper. The Idea Exchange is the place to turn for design samples and inspiration.

Worsley Press
See the Newsletter Production for Pagemaker section.

Software Specific

Anton's Freehand Page
Probably the only stop you'll need for Macromedia Freehand.

Freehand Professional Tips & Tricks
More information about Freehand.

Kai's Power Tips & Tricks for PhotoShop
It's Kai—'Nuff said.

MetaTools Inc.
MetaTools is the company that makes the Kai's PowerTools (KPT) Plugins, KPT Bryce, and KPT PowerGoo, just to name a few. This site is packed with tips & tricks for graphics and effects. Be sure to download the free demo plug-ins they offer!

Ventana PhotoShop f/x Companion
Intended as a supplement to the book (available here) but useful in it's own right too.

Photoshop Web Reference
I really can't say much more about this site than the title gives all by itself. There are very good resources here.

The PAGEMAKR ListServ Web Page
Web site for the PAGEMAKR mailing list, an internet resource for desktop publishers, particularly users of Adobe Pagemaker software. The subscription base varies from 700-2,000 with a core of wonderfully knowledgeable and helpful users. Mail messages can be received as they are posted or once daily as a digest.

Unofficial Pagemaker FTP site
Pretty good Mac and Windows stuff in here, including a utility to convert PM3 documents to PM5.

Quark, Inc.
Quark XPress "XPresso Bar"
XChange Online!
I know very little about Quark XPress, but I agree that even though Pagemaker has a simpler user interface and works fine for the 1 or 2-color work I usually do, Quark is the better choice for full-color work and sophisticated page imposition. I include these links for completeness.

Commercial Companies & Products

Publishing interactive CD-ROM tutorials on digital color and offering a changing selection of ideas on established publishing techniques and emerging technologies.

A Guide to Digital Pictures & More, but to be precise it is a Guide to Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Design Painter, MetaTools KPT & Other Visual Delights.

Edgerton-Bond Image Design
Kevin and Mark are friends of mine who have worked with my office for years and designed our new logo.

Griff Graphic Design & Consulting
Specializing in web site creation and maintenance.

Jerron Quality Color
Prepress, printing, and web design for magazine and catalog publishers. This site also features exclusive quality cartoons.

Laurie McCanna—Design & Illustration
Home of the Free Art website. Includes links of design illustrations and Photoshop tips.

Linographics Inc. is a systems integrator and re-seller as well as a service bureau. They specialize in graphics, screenprinting, and signage markets since 1967. They offer: Computer Sales & Training, Authorized Apple Service, and Mac & Windows PostScript Output.

Lioncom Design
Desktop publishing, graphics and printing services, scanning, printing, collating, packaging, labels, shrinkwrapping, bulk media, drop shipping, folding, web page creations.

Serif, Inc.
Products for Desktop Publishing and Graphic Design.

Soft Centre's LazaLabels
for InkJet-style printers.


A+ Art
Free clip art, icons, backgrounds, buttons, bars, animated GIFs, photos, etc.

BJDesign Clip-Art/Maps
Maps, clip art, products and services for desktop publishing, multimedia and web page development.

Carol's Clipart Collection
A clip art collection with some flags and numerals I like. Also check her links to other clip art sites under her art categories.

The Clip Art Connection
The self-proclaimed "Clip Art Treasure Chest."

Cool Graphics on the Web
A very exhaustive collection of clip art sites. There's also a section for fonts.

Graphic Design Schools on the Web
A list of graphic design educational programs with World Wide Web accessible information.

Sandra's Clip Art Server
A large, rather well-known site for a wide variety of art. There's a good collection of links to other art sites too.

Font Archives

I thought I was pretty bad about collecting fonts until a I discovered that my friend, Andy, has a credo: He who dies with the most fonts, wins! To that end, here is Andy's font links collection from his personal web page.

Adobe Type Browser
Adobe fonts—that should be enough explanation!

Fontaholics Anonymous
Freeware, free commercial, and shareware fonts and utilities for Mac and PC—with hundreds of font-related links!

The online source for Alphabets, Inc.—new releases, third party fonts and typography resources. Provided by designOnline.

Another popular site for fonts. Follow their clues and you can download free fonts.

Phil's Fonts, Inc.
"One can never be too thin, too rich, or have too many fonts!" I am very impressed by this site. It is very well organized.