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Just a few selections of photos and artwork—some mine, some not.

Photo Shot of the Moment:
Aww, ain't he cute? I snapped a photo of
this little chipmunk perched on top of a lava
boulderat Mount St. Helens during my
vacation in the fall of 1999.

New Photo Album Home
Sony's ImageStation is where I'll be putting my digital photo albums now.

My Northwest U.S. Vacation
"To go, or not to go (on vacation). What a silly question!" If you have some time to kill, follow me on the web-based version of my vacation through the northwest U.S.

Yours truly
My mug ... oh dear.

My license plate
I have no difficulty admitting possesion of a vanity license plate which reads MAC-USER.

Live Florida Hospital Orlando web-cam
Have a look-see at what Orlando weather looks like right now. A friend of mine works with this live web-cam which views Florida Hospital Orlando. Note that it is on a 15-minute update schedule and is only active during daylight hours.

Live Disney World Main Street web-cam
This page also links to live web-cams in Disney's other theme parks.

My own street corner
Amazing. I have my own street corner! Lee Road and Bennett Drive.

My idea of art
Just a sketch one of my best friends drew for me after I showed her a crudely drawn prior version.

More art
What Captain Picard really meant when he said "Make it so."

Group photo
This shot is of me and my other best friend with our license plates (his reads MACTYPE). By the way, I no longer own the green 1993 GMC Sonoma. Since the pickup, I've owned a 1996 Saturn SL2, a 1999 Dodge Stratus, and currently, a redesigned 2001 Dodge Stratus.