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All the tools you'll need to help you create the perfect killer web site!

Creating Killer Web Sites
Web companion to David Siegel's awesome book I received as a Christmas present. (By all means, go pick up a copy.) It teaches third-generation web design, which I hope to someday incorporate into my pages. Third-generation sites use typographic and visual layout principles to describe a page in two dimensions. Third-generation site designers carefully specify the position and relationships of all elements on the page, retaining fine control of the layout. Third-generation sites use metaphor and visual theme to entice and guide, creating a whole experience for surfers from the first splash screen to the exit.

Doctor HTML
An invaluable resource for web designers. In one fell swoop, you can check your HTML documents for spelling, syntax, nonfunctional links, etc., etc.

Web design, free art, competitions, news, fun, and more.

HTML Crash Course
What makes this HTML learning web site unique is the interactive "quiz" offered at the end of each section. After you feel comfortable with what you just read about, it instructs you to enter the proper HTML code for a certain web page. You then submit the form and it tells you how you did.

HTML Workshop
This is the place to find the latest information on HTML and its associated standards, as well as Macmillan's HTML-related titles. You'll find links for every skill level, whether you're a beginning, intermediate or advanced user.

Masters of Media News & Events
To Master the Media means to use OS technologies to make and save money using existing content and to sell new services by leveraging existing expertise across the media of print, video, interactive and the net.

Specializing in 3D rendered GIF animations. Numerous samples are available.

Here's the software I use to write my HTML documents.

Graphic design and animation for the web.

Web Designer's Paradise
A comprehensive collection of web-spinning tools.

Web Wonk
Net Tips for Writers and Designers. Whether you're a home (page) maker, an e-mailer, or a web site graphic designer, these tips will help you be a better communicator on the Net. If you are mostly a browser and e-mailer, try the first few tips. If you're into making your HTML pages look great, everything here is for you.

World Wide Web Weaver
Nice HTML software which I used for quite a while, until I found PageSpinner (above). This is actually the link to Miracle Software which contains links and info about other good software they make.