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Here's quick access to my frequent visits:
MacFixIt MacInTouch
Mac News Network Mac Observer
Mac Plaza Macintosh Resource Page
Mac Tips Orlando Sentinel Online

There are no PC news sites here because I personally only visit Mac news sites and no one has suggested any sites for me to add. Drop me a note with your favorite news sites (PC and Mac alike) and I'll look into adding them here. There are already several non-computer related links in this section.

About This Particular Macintosh (ATPM)
Monthly e-zine ... "about the PERSONAL computing experience."

CNN Interactive
It's CNN, what more can I say?

The Information SuperLibrary
A nice hopping point for a variety of subjects.

The Internet Macintosh User Group
IMUG is your internet resource for all your Macintosh needs and wants. Browse the extensive list of links. Chat and post in the discussion areas. This is a one stop site for news, links, columns, opinions, files, and the internet's most important resource...people.

Library Resources
A nicely comprehensive list of library resources on the Internet.

Mac EvangeList
The purpose of this Web site is to help evangelize Apple and the Macintosh computer—and to make the world a better place! Here you'll find archived messages from EvangeList—the mailing list of good news about Apple, Macintosh, and third-party developers—plus links to other useful web sites.

From Ted Landau, the author of Sad Macs, Bombs and Other Disasters. MacFixIt contains, among other things, troubleshooting tips, hints, work-arounds and solutions of any sort; news about documented bugs, conflicts and problems with existing versions of popular software and hardware.

Macintosh Graphics News
What MacInTouch is for Macintoshes, Mac Graphics News is for graphic designers. Daily news regarding graphic design.

Information and services for productive Macintosh computing.

The Macintosh News Network
"The Macintosh News Network (MacNN) is read by company executives, information managers, and end-users for timely information about the Mac platform and computer industry news. We are experiencing tremendous growth are one of the premiere Macintosh news sites. We were featured in a MacWorld article entitled the 'Best Mac Web Sites.' Our recent advertisers have included Apple Computer."

The Mac Observer
Caters to the wide range of Internet products available for the Mac and provides news, reviews, and columns on a wide range of Internet topics.

The Mac Orchard
The Mac Orchard is a carefully cultivated list of the most important links for Macintosh Internet users, along with Internet software links and reviews that are updated (almost) daily. The page attempts to be a "one-stop" location for users who are new to using the Macintosh on the Internet, as well as a "bookmark list trimmer" for more experienced Mac users.

Mac Plaza
The premiere Macintosh interface news and resource web site.

The Macintosh Resource Page
Excellent place to keep up with Mac-happenings. Most useful is the RAMWatch section. You'll never have to leaf through all those mail-order catalogs for the best price again!

Mac Tips
Insightful comments to keep your Macintosh at its best.

No Wonder Mac Resources
If you don't mind waiting up to 24 hours, you can get free technical support via e-mail for Apple computers and software. The people at this site have already helped me with a few problems.

Orlando Sentinel Online
My home town newspaper on the web!

The Real Yellow Pages Online
From BellSouth.

The Site
The Web version of ZDTV's The Site which airs on the MSNBC channel.

A free, weekly, electronic publication that reports on interesting products and events in the computer industry.

This Is True
A weekly publication (which can be listserv e-mailed to you) featuring news stories that prove that much of the world is about 2 fries short of a Happy Meal.

Probably the most popular general national newspaper.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive
Vanderbilt University has recorded and transcribed EVERY national TV newscast (over 23,000) since 1968 and has them here online. Researchers and teachers can get copies of actual tapes, but most are happy with the plain, complete transcripts.

Have e-mail sent to you when a product in their database is updated to a new version.