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Soon after my graduation, I started as an intern in the Communication Department of the Florida Conference of Seventh-day Adventists—the Florida headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Within a year, I became a permanent, full-time employee and held the title of Production Assistant.

Today, as Assistant Director, my main responsibilities are to typeset and lay out the:

  • Conference newsletter, Florida Focus.
  • Florida's news pages in the Southern Union Conference's magazine, Southern Tidings.
  • Annual Camp Meeting brochure and bulletin inserts.
  • INK, a compilation of newspaper clippings of stories submitted by church communication directors mentioning the Seventh-day Adventist name.
  • ...and lots more stuff—mostly one-time projects—too numerous to list, but they include post cards, event tickets photocopied in multiple toner colors (this was before we had color inkjet printers), posters, etc. I also work on the Florida Conference's web page.

Some of the publications I typeset are available as Adobe Acrobat .PDF files. You can find them at http://www.adventist-fl.com/onlinepubs.html

[Download Adobe Acrobat Reader]

I also dabble a little with some writing (making good use of the journalism classes I took early in my college experience). Look for articles and photos by yours truly in Florida Focus and the Southern Union magazine, Southern Tidings, among a few others.

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